Time for a change, working towards a goal

So I’ve made a decision: by August 1, 2011, I will be moving out of my house to someplace different. I have lived there since 2003, and it’s time for new scenery. So the question now is, where?

Here’s some background: I own my home, which is actually a duplex. I can sell it — in this horribly depressed market, or I can rent out my apartment to someone new, which may be easiest. It is also why August 1st is my deadline: in Lawrence, it is easiest to rent a place just before the Fall semester starts. If I do need to maintain ownership of my house, July 31st would be the last day I could possibly maintain residence in it without totally screwing myself when it comes to new renters.

So I now have a deadline, which may be the only definitive answer I have right now. There a ton of other important questions that need to be answered, but the most important: where will I be come next August?

I love the city of Lawrence, Kansas and have just clocked in my 20th year in town. I moved from my hometown of Omaha, Nebraska when I was 18, so the prairie states are all I’ve ever known. New pastures are needed, new scenery, perhaps a new climate. Thankfully, I have time to figure it out, but the ball must get rolling.

Another consideration, what will I do when I get there. This will be delicate. The hardest part of this move is not going bankrupt in the process. I’ve got a good job which I would like to keep if possible, and telecommuting may be an option. If I just move to Kansas City, it’s not even an issue, but if New Zealand or Europe or Mars is my destination, I will probably have to sell my house and most of my possessions to make sure I don’t have old responsibilities holding me back.

This is just the beginning. I am committed to seeing this through.

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  1. Girl Genius says:

    Right on! A date deadline is the best way to get your ass in gear. Maybe I will declare bankruptcy and then become an ex-pat.

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