Goals for the new year

I quit smoking on November 6th, so my usual New Year’s resolution has already been achieved. Also, I’ve lost some weight this year and have already started saving money by not buying stuff.

But as the time ticks down on 2010, I figure I should write down a couple of goals or challenges that I have set for myself for the coming year. Call them resolutions if you will, but I tend to forget those before my birthday.

So, here we go — in no particular order.

  1. Sell my house. I need to clean it and do a little remodeling by spring time when I put up for sale.
  2. Pay off debt. Hopefully that will be much easier once I sell the house.
  3. Update my resume and start looking for a new job. This may need to happen sooner rather than later. I’m getting a little burned out.
  4. Move somewhere new. I’ve been in Lawrence too long. I need new environs.
  5. Get more exercise. I just brought my road bike upstairs and plan to retrieve my track stand from storage tomorrow. I need to get into better shape because…
  6. Go on a bike tour. My Bridgestone MB-3 is almost ready for a long ride and I need just a couple more items for a nice adventure. I also plan to do some camping and maybe even go kayaking with my uncle next September in the Boundary Waters in Minnesota.
  7. Finish writing my play. Easy enough, I just need to stop screwing around.
  8. Write a book. Enough talk — this is the year.
  9. More journaling and blogging. Let this be the first of many.
  10. Start playing the mandolin again and learn some basics on the guitar. Noting too crazy, just start small.
  11. Do some painting, drawing or sculpting. I need to get back into art. It’s been too long.
  12. Learn how to fly fish. I really enjoyed the adventure I had in Colorado last August. I will eventually need a new rod, but I’ll make do with what I have right now.

Okay, I wanted to write this before 2010 disappeared. Now, I can go have a drink somewhere. Happy New Year to all.

1 thought on “Goals for the new year

  1. Lu says:

    Man! You’re ambitious! I just wanna graduate, write a blog and go to the gym.


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