Progress made, more to come

Last Friday, I sold one of my bikes to a local bike store for $500 of in-store credit. One less bike in my basement, and a bunch of money to spend on improving the bikes I’m keeping — sounds like a win-win to me. I also cleaned out a bunch of old paperwork which will now be used to as kindling for future bonfires in my back yard.

On Saturday, I drove down to Winfield, Kansas for the Walnut Valley Bluegrass Festival. I had a great time hanging out with my friends in the Kanas City Bear Fighters: a KC acoustic band, though I’m not sure what genre they would fit into.

This morning, I had a very strange dream that could only be described as “Apocolypse Now-ish.” It would not say it was a nightmare, but it certainly was odd. The other guy on my boat shot someone, so I had him arrested when we got back to port. Then, the new person I invited on the boat ended up stealing it and leaving me with some other people who tied me up and may have been planning to torture me — but for some reason, I wasn’t really all that scared. Maybe I knew it was a dream, or maybe I was just to curious to see what happened next. Weird.

Which reminds me, I’m thinking of quitting smoking using a drug — can’t remember the name — with a side-effect of very lucid dreams and maybe nightmares. I’ve thought of keeping a dream journal while I’m taking the drug, and it might be an interesting facet to the NaNoWriMo attempt. This attempt at quitting the smoking will start right after the EMU Horrorshow ends on October 30th, one day before I start writing — something. Not sure what it’s going to be this time. Maybe a memior. Maybe “speculative fiction”. This will probably start to be a common topic on this blog in the near future.

EMU production meeting tonight with Adri and Andy. Woohoo, let’s all get theatrical.