Overcoming issues

I was talking with a friend who pointed out the obvious. That if I want to be published, I need to get over my shyness. So, I’m going to start ramping up the posts on this blog, finish some writing project and try to get some things published. The plan for this weekend: finish a play I’ve half-written. Just write in general. Write stuff that I can be published, if only to this blog.

I have been writing a ton recently, but nothing intended for a large audience. It’s been a lot of fun, but while I enjoy my limited audience, that won’t pay the bills if I ever plan to make money at this gig. So, let’s do this shit.

The first step in overcoming a problem is recognizing it’s existence. Can’t remember if that’s something from a12 step program, or if I read it in the novel, Dune. Hmm, in Dune, I think it was “avoiding a trap”. Oh well, not much difference if you ask me.

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