LASIK First Impressions

Today was a trip to the eye doctor for my preliminary appointment for LASIK surgery. The big day will be January 31st. Here are some of the interesting bits of info.

A) LASIK is freaking expensive. I’m going to burn up a lot of my medical savings account on this, but I don’t care too much about that. Not having to wear glasses will be a miracle for me. I’ve been saddled with spectacles every waking moment since I was in six years old.

B) Apparently, I suffer from “dry eye syndrome”. So over the next month, I will need to use Optive or Systane eye drops six times a day, Restasis eye drops twice a day, Genteal gel once a day and Omega 3/fish oil pills twice a day.

C) On the 31st, I will need to not wear any perfumes, cologne, after shave, eye makeup, etc. I can only eat a light meal before the appointment, and I will need to start taking Vigamox — an anesthetic eye drop. My dad will have to drive me to the appointment and back since I will basically be blind while my eyes adjust to the new situation.

D) After the procedure, I will need to take a three hour nap to ensure my eyes get a chance to heal — hopefully the valium they will give me before the procedure will help. I will have follow up appointments on the day after surgery, and will need to sleep with goggles on so I can’t scratch my eyes during the night.

One final, unrelated note, I’m drinking a homemade hot toddie using Jim Beam that had been left at my house over a year ago. I think this was the after-show-party for the final performance of Lobby Hero. Thank you Nick Stock. Not bad at all.

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